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  • Competition's details
Zell am See CUP
(March 15th, 2019 - April 26th, 2019)

Welcome to the Fridays racings. The contest is planned for pilots with all classes of skills - from newbie to expert. We are planning to fly using small ridge and thermal. Wave is not planned
Starting point is Zell-Am-See - one of the wonderful places in Austria
Part of parameters of the tasks are constanst.
Wind avg - 20m/s
Start time: 01.07.2019 at 12:30 local time.
Max alt for start - 2000m
Start from the air
Time window - 45min
Server - Polish Team: Zell am See Cup
Joining starts at 19:15 UTC in March and 18:15 UTC in April (summer time in most countries in Europe)

We will fly the folowing class of gliders:
Day 0 - Training task: All classes
Day 1 - 15m
Day 2 - 18m
Day 3 - 18m
Day 4 - Standard
Day 5 - Two seater
Day 6 - Club

Stay high and keep fun

AGO & 5W

Forum address: http://www.facebook.com/condorsoaring/
Registration closes on: April 26th, 2019 at 6:15 PM UTC
Competition per teams: No
Registration type: Competition is free
Note for non-Premium member: your monthly quota will be decreased, as usual, for each FTR submitted.
Number of training tasks:
Number of competition tasks:
Scoring type: 1000 points
Competitor's results used for overall scoring: Only the 5 best results
Allowed tries per race: 1
Crash policy: Scored with 0 point
Landing out policy: Ignore it
Missing FTR policy: Scored with 0 point
Join time: 20 minutes
Time to send FTR: 2 hours
Use time slots (for timezones):
Registred competitors: 84
Registration is now closed!