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  • Competition's details
Low & Slow 2
(April 13th, 2019 - May 20th, 2019)

But Eager and Willing.

Low & Slow 2 is a continuation of the LnS competition using the same concept of original, sometimes playful, but often challenging tasks in realistic conditions. Despite this, required time is minimized by using airstarts, short time windows or regatta starts and providing tasks that should be doable in 60-120 minutes.

In this edition, only one task will be hosted per week, each task will be hosted in two sessions:
- Saturday at 20:30 CET (18:30 UTC)
- Sunday at 22:30 CET (20:30 UTC).

Participants are free to fly both sessions

Sceneries used may include:

- Arc Alpin 2
- Southern Norway4
- Cascade Range
- Matamata
- Yunnan
- Pumalin park

Server settings
- Handicap : Yes
- Join time 20 minutes, race start: usually 1 minute after jointime end, start window open usually 0-5 minutes;
- Mid-air collision is "Q" recovery possible, other recovery may be enabled depending on task
- Thermaling turn in start area (10 km) - left
- Plane icons range : generally up to 5 km
- Cloud flying is usually penalized

- name: BF Low and Slow
- Teamspeak: http://virtualsoaring.eu/teamspeak (BF channel)

LnS will run for 6 weeks, but may be repeated.
Out of the 6 tasks, your best 4 results will be taken in to account for the ranking.

Registration closes on: May 20th, 2019 at 12:00 AM UTC
Competition per teams: No
Registration type: Competition is free
Note for non-Premium member: your monthly quota will be decreased, as usual, for each FTR submitted.
Number of training tasks:
Number of competition tasks:
Scoring type: 1000 points
Competitor's results used for overall scoring: Only the 4 best results
Allowed tries per race: 2
Crash policy: Scored with 0 point
Landing out policy: Ignore it
Missing FTR policy: Ignore it
Join time: 20 minutes
Time to send FTR: 2 hours
Use time slots (for timezones):
Registred competitors: 72
Registration is now closed!