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  • Greetings to translators

I would like to sincerely thank all these following people who took time to translate the web site in their own language:

Chinese: ERock999(100%)

Croatian: Zeljko1 (100%)

Danish: P5 (87%) and Morten Due (13%)

Dutch: CeeJay (100%)

English: Bod1 (100%)

French: Bod1 (100%)

German: Drgonzo and Danijela (40%), Meckerlax (40%), Groman (15%) and CB-9940 (5%)

Hungarian: Zsolt Mattburger (MZS) (100%)

Italian: Robyfly (RF) (100%)

Japanese: Eugene Williams (100%)

Persian/Farsi: Eirannejad (100%)

Polish: Tomek Uzarowski (bodhi1985) (100%)

Portugues: Richard Pi (71%), Roberto Zanini (22%), Neumann (5%) and CyberD (1%)

Russian: Tima (TSD) (100%)

Serbian (latin and cyrillic): Zeljko1 (100%)

Slovak: Candunaj (100%)

Spanish: B. Zasvill (20%) and Kant / Darío Hereñú (80%)

(% computed on translated text length)