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  • Import IGC file to Condor format
IGC file (.igc)
Flight track file (.FTR):
Usually found in C:\Program Files\Condor\FlightTracks\ for Condor v1 and Documents\Condor\FlightTracks (C:\Users\"User name"\Documents\Condor\FlightTracks) for Condor v2
Only FTRs generated with Condor 1.0.9 or above are supported
Shift IGC time by:

By converting your IGC file to Condor format, you can fly again your task in Condor and see the "ghost" of your real flight. You can then try to improve your performance, or, after a competition, get the IGC from the winner and try to beat him in Condor!

How does it work?

My program will extract flight track (or "fixes", the lines beginning with the letter B) from the IGC file then it will inject them in a Condor flight track file (.FTR). If your PDA saved position from time to time (ie. big delay between 2 fixes), the program will extrapolate data to complete the FTR. Of course, your GPS must be quite calibrated and your flight must fit in one of Condor's sceneries.

Here is 5 easy steps to proceed:

  1. Create a flight plan in Condor planner (Free flight button), choose the correct scenery, set the correct start time in UTC (I suggest you to get the start time from your IGC minus 5 minutes),
    Select an airfield (the same airfield is better if you want to start at the same place with your ghost),
    Optionally, create a task by adding turn points,
    Try to set the same weather conditions,
    Other options can be set at your convenience.
  2. Click Start flight, check if you are satisfied with weather condition then exit and immediately click on Save flight track (yes, no need to fly, we get just an empty flight track).
  3. Come on this page, give your IGC and this FTR (usually found in "C:\Program Files\ Condor\ FlightTracks"), click on Send: download of the converted flight track starts few seconds later.
  4. Save this flight track in the same directory, go back in Condor / Free Flight and click on Load button, go to Flight tracks tab and select the converted FTR and press OK. Then go to Notam tab and select the same FTR in Ghosts list (if you don't see it, you may have to uncheck some filters)
  5. Press Start flight and enjoy!
    (you could change almost every parameters if you wish before clicking start)

 Known limitations:

  • If your recorder saved fixes with too much delay between them, the ghost could have unrealistic behavior
  • The plane turns on the yaw axis only, and not smoothly :(
  • If the recorder (or the scenery) is not properly calibrated, the plane can fly through hills, trees, ground or mountains
  • The converted FTR cannot be uploaded on this site.