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  • Multiplayer Race's results
Thanks to Hitzi and DSHelper, you can now display results from your hosted task without creating a website! Download a task from this site and host it with DSHelper; when server stops or restarts, DSHelper sends the results to this site and you can see overall/per session results! Moreover, during the flight, DSHelper can show the current best time.

  • Overall results
#PilotRN (CN)PlaneDistance kmTimeSpeed km/hPenaltyScoreTries
Task finished
OM-NIUS (PK7)Rolladen Schneider LS8-sc neo (15m)224.2001:50:44121.400.001,000.001
Task finished
OK-1940 (EMA)Rolladen Schneider LS8-sc neo (15m)224.2002:02:29109.800.00923.561
Task started, outland
ANDEL (A22)Rolladen Schneider LS8-sc neo (15m)221.9002:06:01105.700.00725.811
Task started, still flying (disconnected?)
HB-3239 (1P)Rolladen Schneider LS8-sc neo (15m)29.2000:12:06144.600.0095.511
Task started, crashed
OK-3613 (LF)Sportine Aviacija Genesis 21.2000:00:24179.600.003.961