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  • Multiplayer Race's results
Thanks to Hitzi and DSHelper, you can now display results from your hosted task without creating a website! Download a task from this site and host it with DSHelper; when server stops or restarts, DSHelper sends the results to this site and you can see overall/per session results! Moreover, during the flight, DSHelper can show the current best time.

  • Overall results
#PilotRN (CN)PlaneDistance kmTimeSpeed km/hPenaltyScoreTries
Task started, outland
D-2101 (LOM)Ventus 2BX (15m)66.3000:35:29112.000.00833.331
Task started, crashed
EU-HIGH (UP)ASW 27B17.2000:16:2862.800.00216.191
Task started, outland
ANDEL (A22)LS 6-b0.0000:05: