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Please note that sceneries work only for Condor v1 or v2, not both. Only scenery prefixed with works for v2 otherwise it works for v1 only.
In order to offer a comfortable download, simultaneous downloads are limited. Please turn off download managers, they are not supported and will be blocked. If your computer has problem with big scenery, you should give a try to the Textures Reducer tool.

Quick help to uncompress sceneries packed and splitted in several volumes with 7-Zip: Download and install 7-Zip, download all scenery files (7z.001, 7z.002 and so on) and save them in Condor's landscapes folder. Go to this folder with Windows Explorer, find the just-downloaded scenery files and do a right click on the file with .7z.001 extension and choose "Extract files...". Ensure selected target directory is "Landscapes". 7-zip will automatically uncompress all files contained in .7z.00X archives in the correct scenery's subfolder. Enjoy :)

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Release date - Scenery name
Total downloadsFile sizeSupport scenery maker(s)
France Sud (Dec. 3rd, 2017)318686.61 MiB
Textures part 1 on 3
778.51 MiB
Textures part 2 on 3
771.62 MiB
Textures part 3 on 3
770.23 MiB
421*468km scenery in high-resolution. 140 airfields and many 3D objects (citadel of Sisteron, ...)

By Danpal
Algeria (Dec. 2nd, 2017)131493.49 MiB
Textures part 1 on 2
867.63 MiB
Textures part 2 on 2
868.82 MiB
Algeria covers an area of 552kmx276km in 4096x4096 resolution with a total of 42 airfields.

South East UK 1.1 (Dec. 1st, 2017)207793.12 MiB
Patch 1.0->1.1
200.14 MiB
Textures part 1 on 5
970.26 MiB
Textures part 2 on 5
920.22 MiB
Textures part 3 on 5
1.02 GiB
Textures part 4 on 5
794.88 MiB
Textures part 5 on 5
1,013.70 MiB
High resolution (8k Condor Tiles/2k dds) photo realistic scenery for the South East of the United Kingdom.
The aim of this scenery is to improve on the UKVFR3 and replace the Central UK Scenery with a larger and more geographically accurate scenery. Aimed at the UK based Condor flyers and particularly those on UK 'Beastly' soaring evenings.

By Andy 1248
Florida (Nov. 19th, 2017)139662.13 MiB
Textures part 1 on 3
683.93 MiB
Textures part 2 on 3
700.96 MiB
Textures part 3 on 3
715.25 MiB
New version of "Central Florida" scenery.
This version is updated and more accurate, in high resolution.

By Andy 1248
Almeria (Nov. 3rd, 2017)205432.43 MiB
759.15 MiB
Almeria covers an area of 414kmx230km in resolution 4096x4096 from Alicante in the North East to Malaga in the South West and all the Sierra Nevada, with a total of 35 airfields.

United Arab Emirates (Nov. 3rd, 2017)131418.85 MiB
High resolution photo scenery for the United Arab Emirates.

Iniatialy made for my own interest, the UAE is not known as an active soaring area.

By Andy S
Hebrides (Oct. 26th, 2017)132520.62 MiB
High-resolution photo scenery for the Hebrides Islands.

they are not known as an active soaring area but it's still very interesting and includes the island of St Kilda. The airstrip here is very short.
Thermals are possible over the sea.

By Andy 1248
Sagarmatha2 (Sept. 13th, 2017)154266.22 MiB
Textures part 1 on 5
756.74 MiB
Textures part 2 on 5
783.00 MiB
Textures part 3 on 5
753.46 MiB
Textures part 4 on 5
612.14 MiB
Textures part 5 on 5
515.86 MiB
From Churen Himal peak to Karjian peak, lets fly 750 km along the Himalayan Range.
You will able to virtually fly over Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu, Shishapangma, Cho Oyu, Everest, Lhoste, Makalu and Kangchenjunga, with representative mountains' shapes of the real world.

By Xavier

Barcelona (Aug. 31st, 2017)354484.98 MiB
Texture part 1 on 2
597.15 MiB
Texture part 2 on 2
592.18 MiB
Barcelona covers an area of 414 x 230 km in 4096 x 4096 resolution from Toulouse to Castellon de la Plana, a part of southwestern France, a large part of the Pyrenees and Catalonia with a total of 62 airfields.

Chypre HD (Cyprus) (Aug. 24th, 2017)213596.14 MiB
The island of Cyprus covers an area of 9,251 km2 with a wide variety of landscapes, numerous mountain ranges and beautiful seashores. High definition 8192x8192.

By Major98