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Please note that landscapes work only for Condor v1 or v2, not both. Only landscape prefixed with works for v2 otherwise it works for v1 only.
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Release date - Landscape name
Total downloadsFile sizeSupport landscape maker(s)
Big Elba 2 v1.1 (May 28th, 2018)
Uncompressed landscape size: 6.33 GiB
711678.07 MiB
Patch 1.0 -> 1.1
Enhanced textures and new airports.
1.12 GiB
Textures part 1 on 3
784.39 MiB
Textures part 2 on 3
1.08 GiB
Textures part 3 on 3
1.14 GiB
This scenery covers an aera going from Elba island to Adrian sea in East of Italy including the famous gliding center of Rieti.
Textures resolution is 8k and 16k for Airports.

By Pat67
Jura Mont-Blanc 2 v2 (May 21st, 2018)
Uncompressed landscape size: 9.34 GiB
2,786687.38 MiB
Patch 1.0 -> 2.0
324.43 MiB
Part 1 on 3
784.45 MiB
Part 2 on 3
804.92 MiB
Part 3 on 3
797.15 MiB
HD scenery around Mont-Blanc.
V2 with numerous fixes, new height source for an enhanced rendering.
By Danpal
Cascade Range (May 21st, 2018)
Uncompressed landscape size: 18.67 GiB
1,141657.39 MiB
Textures part 1 on 9
809.62 MiB
Textures part 2 on 9
826.67 MiB
Textures part 3 on 9
844.70 MiB
Textures part 4 on 9
864.39 MiB
Textures part 5 on 9
872.67 MiB
Textures part 6 on 9
808.85 MiB
Textures part 7 on 9
828.08 MiB
Textures part 8 on 9
851.81 MiB
Textures part 9 on 9
827.98 MiB
This scenery is the conversion for Condor2 of the northern part of California 1 scenery with a covered area of 600 000 km².
It covers almost all the states of Oregon and Washington, from the southern part of British Columbia to the northern parts of California and Nevada.
This scenery keeps the general principles of the previous large sceneries, adapted to the new Condor2 features, with a much better resolution for elevations data, forests and reflections on water. Airfield facilities are standardized except for Hope and North Plains Gliding Clubs.

By Dgtfer
West UK (May 17th, 2018)
Uncompressed landscape size: 9.15 GiB
506825.55 MiB
Textures part 1 on 4
812.97 MiB
Textures part 2 on 4
858.77 MiB
Textures part 3 on 4
920.71 MiB
Textures part 4 on 4
887.01 MiB
A new Condor 2 scenery which will replace the popular "West and Wales" Condor 1 scenery.
The scenery area covers from Liverpool in the North West to Lands End in the South East. Includes a lot of popular soaring sites; Nympsfield, Long Mynd, Targarth, Usk, Lleweni Parc and Perenporth.
Hi res 2k dds files.
Includes an alternative ONC map.

By Andy 1248
Denmark 5.11 for Condor 2 (May 7th, 2018)
Uncompressed landscape size: 25.59 GiB
1,005485.12 MiB
Patch 5.1 -> 5.11
Patch to upgrade to Denmark 5.11 will be the official scenery for the national Danish Condor Championship.
The recommended settings is medium visibility.

2.62 MiB
Textures part 1 on 5
797.57 MiB
Textures part 2 on 5
648.25 MiB
Textures part 3 on 5
767.24 MiB
Textures part 4 on 5
895.63 MiB
Textures part 5 on 5
969.04 MiB
New Danish scenery with new photo-realistic textures, 8192px.
The scenery includes all the new features in Condor2 and all danish glider airfield.

By Chris Oxholm
Eastern Ontario (May 7th, 2018)117282.90 MiB
This scenery is for eastern Ontario, Canada. It includes 3 gliding clubs, Gatineau Gliding Club (GGC), Montreal Soaring Council (MSC) and Rideau Valley Soaring (RVSS). It is mostly the valley between the St-Lawrence river and the Ottawa river, with hilly forested terrain to the north.
By Skipper17
Eastern Ontario 2 for Condor 2 (May 7th, 2018)
Uncompressed landscape size: 1.37 GiB
416334.29 MiB
This scenery is for eastern Ontario, Canada. It includes 3 gliding clubs, Gatineau Gliding Club (GGC), Montreal Soaring Council (MSC) and Rideau Valley Soaring (RVSS). It is mostly the valley between the St-Lawrence river and the Ottawa river, with hilly forested terrain to the north.
By Skipper17
LEM-Bahia 2 (May 3rd, 2018)
Uncompressed landscape size: 6.76 GiB
54874.12 MiB
Textures part 1 on 3
918.00 MiB
Textures part 2 on 3
913.05 MiB
Textures part 3 on 3
839.53 MiB
Due to its unique geographic location, Bahia offers the best weather conditions in the World for long cross country flights in the period between mid-August and mid-October. During this peak season, the cloud bases are typically between 10,000 to 14,000 feet ASL, which is the kind of weather I experienced. Some years there are more blue days, but on those the thermals tops can be even higher, up to 16,000 feet ASL. The thermals typically produce between 5 and 8 knots lift, but it is not unusual to find 10 knots or more. My best one was a 14 knot boomer! Because of the closeness to the Equator (LEM’s latitude is 12° South), the wind in the convective layer is almost always from the East, with the strength anywhere from 5 to 25 knots. The average maximum daily temperature in September is around 34 °C, while the relative humidity is usually between 10 and 30%, making the heat quite bearable.

The rest of the year is also flyable; however, during the rainy season which lasts from mid-October until April, the cloud bases are lower and isolated CB’s develop every afternoon. On the flip side, the lift is generally stronger than during the dry season and the thermals are spaced closer together, allowing for some very fast and fun flying.

During the peak mid-August to mid-October season the days with non-soarable weather are extremely rare, although I did experience one day with overcast skies that didn’t clear until late in the afternoon.
The terrain around LEM is a plateau at around 2,500 feet ASL, generally flat with many cultivated fields suitable for out-landing. About 60 km West of LEM lies the border between Bahia and the neighboring Tocantins province. Once inside Tocantins, the terrain drops to about 1,500 feet ASL and becomes mildly undulating and covered with dwarf trees and wild shrubbery. In Tocantins there are very few places to land and not many roads for retrieval. However, the weather in Tocantins tends to be somewhat better than in Bahia, so a good strategy seems to be to first go West and cross about 20 km into Tocantins before turning North or South for the second leg of the triangle. You can then continue flying inside Tocantis, parallel to the Tocantins-Bahia border in excellent weather, but still close enough to the landable terrain in Bahia. The last leg-and-a-half is flown in Bahia.

By Renequeiroz
Irlande 2 (May 2nd, 2018)
Uncompressed landscape size: 11.31 GiB
457752.96 MiB
Textures part 1 on 4
1.01 GiB
Textures part 2 on 4
1.19 GiB
Textures part 3 on 4
1.20 GiB
Textures part 4 on 4
1,002.42 MiB
Ireland is now available for Condor 2, hi-res textures (8192x8192), 40+ airfields and awesome landscapes.

By Major98
Transandino 1.1 (May 2nd, 2018)
Uncompressed landscape size: 17.31 GiB
754617.35 MiB
Patch 1.0 -> 1.1
6 new airfields and new thermal map.
100.34 MiB
Textures part 1 on 6
844.10 MiB
Textures part 2 on 6
837.30 MiB
Textures part 3 on 6
919.25 MiB
Textures part 4 on 6
962.20 MiB
Textures part 5 on 6
976.41 MiB
Textures part 6 on 6
570.91 MiB
Transandino is a part of the Andes Cordillera covering the regions of Mendoza (Argentina), Santiago and valapraiso (Chile).
Transandino is the name of the highest railway of the World connecting Mendoza to Valparaiso. We can see some of the highest peaks of the Cordillera Like Aconcagua (6962m), Cerro Mercedario (6770m) or Tupungato (6565m). With a surface area of 322kmx322km, it has 47 airfields.