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Release date - Scenery name
Total downloadsFile sizeSupport scenery maker(s)
Lijiang (Jan. 20th, 2017) New!81736.60 MiB
Textures part 1 on 3 New!
651.61 MiB
Textures part 2 on 3 New!
653.82 MiB
Textures part 3 on 3 New!
712.00 MiB
Lijiang covers an area of 414km x 391km at a resolution of 4096x4096. It is located in the southwestern part of China, at the fall of the Himalayan range spanning the provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan. Three of the largest rivers of Southeast Asia traverse the scenery in deep valleys; the Salouen, the Mekong and the Yangzi.
Thanks to all those who helped me to realize my first scenery. They will recognize each other.

By Segui
Garner Gliderport (Dec. 22nd, 2016)126731.27 MiB
A small, photo-realistic, training scenery for the Tidewater Soaring Society soaring club, home-based at Garner Gliderport airfield near Smithfield, VA (east of USA).
The activity is focused around Garners half-mile turf strip.
Launching to the south can be tricky if you get a low altitude rope break, as the south end of the runway has large trees about 500' from the end, as well as trees lining both the east and west sides of the runway. There is a gap in in the trees at the extreme south-east corner that can be navigated to a safe agricultural field landing. This maneuver is impossible to demonstrate in RL, but with Condor, it is possible, to at least, explain and safely practice.
All the airfields in GarnerGP are landable, with Wakefield having some added detail. Wakefield represents the “Holy Grail” to the new cross-country pilot. There are a handful of navigational landmarks, the Isle of Wight water tower, the Windsor warehouse & water tower, and the high tension power line along highway 460.
The scenery covers most of the inland tidewater, from just south of Richmond to the NC-VA line, and from just east of Emporia to the Great Dismal Swamp .

By JCR223
California (Nov. 16th, 2016)492427.39 MiB
Textures part 1 on 14
897.07 MiB
Textures part 2 on 14
869.76 MiB
Textures part 3 on 14
856.82 MiB
Textures part 4 on 14
847.65 MiB
Textures part 5 on 14
829.07 MiB
Textures part 6 on 14
882.75 MiB
Textures part 7 on 14
892.53 MiB
Textures part 8 on 14
892.23 MiB
Textures part 9 on 14
895.33 MiB
Textures part 10 on 14
884.58 MiB
Textures part 11 on 14
877.11 MiB
Textures part 12 on 14
880.67 MiB
Textures part 13 on 14
857.82 MiB
Textures part 14 on 14
763.61 MiB
Despite its name this scenery covers the entire West Coast of the United States of America and Canada, from Los Angeles to Vancouver.
With more than 1 million square kilometers, its area is equivalent to France, Swiss, Germany, Benelux and Denmark together.

Note: Due to huge size of this scenery, 7Zip has been used (3 GiB saved!)

By Dgtfer
Central Japan (Nov. 6th, 2016)242334.37 MiB
Textures part 1 on 2
738.35 MiB
Textures part 2 on 2
870.04 MiB
4K resolution scenery with Fuji mount (Fujisan), 47 airports and numerous 3D objects made by Patrick (PM3) and co.

By Major98
Seattle Portland (Oct. 6th, 2016)248895.77 MiB
Textures part 1 on 2
903.86 MiB
Textures part 2 on 2
880.03 MiB
This scenery covers Oregon and Washington states with some volcanos (Mont st Helens, Rainier, Hood, Daniel) and Cascade Range.

By Danpal
Cape of Storms (Sept. 9th, 2016)431980.04 MiB
Patch #1
This small patch contains three VHD (16k) tiles that were left out of the original release for Malgas and Grabouw airstrips and for Matroosberg peak.
Main files have been updated, no need to download this patch if you downloaded scenery on or after November 7th, 2016.
26.49 MiB
Textures part 1 on 5
893.37 MiB
Textures part 2 on 5
814.23 MiB
Textures part 3 on 5
821.41 MiB
Textures part 4 on 5
910.93 MiB
Textures part 5 on 5
868.32 MiB
Cape of Storms covers an area of 270km x 270km of the South Western Cape in South Africa. It centers around the gliding mecca of Worcester, home to the Cape Gliding Club and site of the SGP finals in 2015.
The scenery is rendered entirely in HD (8k res.) with VHD (16k res.) around the airports and adjacent towns. Over 34 000 objects add to a sense of realism with many hidden gems for those with a sharp eye.

Copyright subsists in this material, do NOT mirror, store in any retrieval device or otherwise distribute.

Please donate generously, scenery building is a LOT of work! Thank you and enjoy your flights.

Best regards - Greg Hart.
Bolivia (Aug. 19th, 2016)180189.28 MiB
Textures part 1 on 4
846.96 MiB
Textures part 2 on 4
813.50 MiB
Textures part 3 on 4
815.62 MiB
Textures part 4 on 4
824.78 MiB
High resolution scenery of Bolivia.

By Danpal
La Plata (Aug. 16th, 2016)139289.74 MiB
The flight zone includes La Plata, Fly Ranch, Chascomus, Ranchos, Cañuelas and other locations used for many gliding clubs in Argentina.

By Mcgoveze
Titicaca 1.01 (July 2nd, 2016)248386.47 MiB
Patch v1.0 -> v1.01
- Updated airports list
- One airport removed (can't take off)
- One airport added
- New objects
- Updated terrain
- New height map

107.43 MiB
Textures part 1 on 4
877.76 MiB
Textures part 2 on 4
871.59 MiB
Textures part 3 on 4
880.74 MiB
Textures part 4 on 4
854.47 MiB
This scenery covers aera around Titicaca lake (Peru, Bolivia and Chile) in 4096x4096 resolution.

By Major98
Black Mountains UK (June 10th, 2016)357392.36 MiB
The UK's best ridge and wave gliding site, 970 feet above sea level.
The Black Mountains Gliding Club operates from a farm not far from Talgarth. Nestling beneath the northern escarpments of the Black Mountains, amongst normal sheep-speckled fields, is a grassy runway with a windsock.
Maybe it's the size of the field, the slope, the trees or the proximity of the mountains themselves, but this airfield is said to be quite challenging, even for experienced pilots!

Scenery made in 4096x4096 and high resolution image.

By Renequeiroz