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Please note that landscapes work only for Condor v1 or v2, not both. Only landscape prefixed with works for v2 otherwise it works for v1 only.
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Release date - Landscape name
Total downloadsFile sizeSupport landscape maker(s)
Scotland 4 (May 16th, 2019) New!
Uncompressed landscape size: 20.26 GiB
150192.70 MiB
Textures part 1 on 5 New!
590.93 MiB
Textures part 2 on 5 New!
914.71 MiB
Textures part 3 on 5 New!
1.15 GiB
Textures part 4 on 5 New!
1.09 GiB
Textures part 5 on 5 New!
621.73 MiB
This is a completely reworked and updated version of the original 'Scotland3' Condor 2 scenery which was released in haste, uncompleted and with errors. So at last Scotland as it should have been, with accurate albedo thermal map, trees, water effects and 3d objects.

I have also added the Borders GC at Milfield.

Aerotow to the North from Rovie Farm in a heavy glider in nil wind is very marginal, best not attempted.

Other airfields with short runways that need aerotow with care:

Thornhill 550 metres
Strathallan 600 metres
Kirknewton 700 metres
Angus 600 metres
Fife 700 metres
Plockton 600 metres

Tasks from Feshie should avoid having a start point South East of Feshie, this should avoid the tug flying into the hill.

Any comments or errors found please either post or PM on the Condor 2 forum.

Netherlands HD (April 19th, 2019)
Uncompressed landscape size: 22.94 GiB
366164.64 MiB
Textures part 1 on 4
1.08 GiB
Textures part 2 on 4
1.62 GiB
Textures part 3 on 4
1.15 GiB
Textures part 4 on 4
1.17 GiB
This is the updated version of the very detailed scenery of The Netherlands. The scenery is much larger then the previous version and now includes Belgium and Western Germany.
The scenery has a photorealistic texture with HD texture resolution - 8192 pixels.
Scenery is based on real maps, uses highly realistic satellite textures and is covered with trees and 3D objects. Lots of airports have all the 3d objects and buildings you would find at those airports.

Apart from all the airfields within the scenery boundary is the 5th Fleet also is passing through the North Sea with attached to it the USS Nimitz. You will be able to air tow from and land on the aircraft carrier the USS Nimitz.

By Lennartvm
Wurtsboro (April 15th, 2019)
Uncompressed landscape size: 17.37 GiB
179237.95 MiB
Textures part 1 on 4
1.49 GiB
Textures part 2 on 4
1.39 GiB
Textures part 3 on 4
1.63 GiB
Textures part 4 on 4
1.22 GiB
Wurtsboro covers Castkills/Poconos areas in North Eastern United States.
The landscape is photorealistic, with a treemap over the entire area. Textures around turnpoints are high definition, Wurtsboro Airport is modeled and the area has extra detail (higher definition textures, water).
No thermal map yet.

By Vnks
Oahu (April 9th, 2019)
Uncompressed landscape size: 873.32 MiB
297403.58 MiB
Oahu in super HD

Oahu, in Hawaiian Oʻahu, is the third largest island in the Hawaii archipelago and the most populated of the islands in Hawaii. It is located 42 km west-northwest of Molokai and 117 km east-southeast of Kauai. It covers an area of 1,545.34 km2, including Ford Island and the islets of Kaneohe Bay and the East Coast. It has 336 kilometres of coastline.

The island was formed under the joint action of the Wai'anae and Ko'olau volcanoes, leaving a large valley in between. The highest peak is Mount Ka'ala, which rises to 1,225 metres above sea level.

The island is home to nearly one million people, or about 75% of the population of Hawaii. Partly because of this, O'ahu has been nicknamed "The Gathering Place".

The capital of Hawaii State, Honolulu, is located on the south coast of the island, as is Pearl Harbor. (Wikipedia)

By Danpal
Talca Los Andes (March 21st, 2019)
Uncompressed landscape size: 13.16 GiB
271180.79 MiB
Textures part 1 on 10
806.50 MiB
Textures part 2 on 10
790.95 MiB
Textures part 3 on 10
782.42 MiB
Textures part 4 on 10
784.22 MiB
Textures part 5 on 10
772.76 MiB
Textures part 6 on 10
760.93 MiB
Textures part 7 on 10
753.48 MiB
Textures part 8 on 10
728.50 MiB
Textures part 9 on 10
708.03 MiB
Textures part 10 on 10
823.64 MiB
With an area of 312x415 km² Talca_Los_Andes is the extension to the south of Transandino scenery.
Another piece of the cordillera!
High resolution textures and elevation data in 30 m resolution.
88 airfields.

Have fun !

By JJ (SEG) with the kind participation of Christian (CHD), Daniel (DPO), Hubert (HB) and Patick (PM3).
Formosa (Feb. 21st, 2019)
Uncompressed landscape size: 4.84 GiB
24077.86 MiB
Textures part 1 on 4
606.61 MiB
Textures part 2 on 4
599.48 MiB
Textures part 3 on 4
615.57 MiB
Textures part 4 on 4
581.31 MiB
Formosa - a city in midwest of Brasil, near Brasilia - is a good place for real glider flight.
In the city of Formosa, about 80km from Brasília, there is the Aeroclube do Planalto Central (APC), the largest flying club in the whole country in terms of number of aircraft. There are around 25 to 30 gliders in two large sheds.
The Midwest region is one of the best in the country for sailing. Especially during the dry season, when the incidence of thermals is higher, they are considered the fuel of the flight.
The scenery was made in 4096 resolution, with large number of airports for cross country tasks.

By Renequeiroz
Arc Alpin2 (Feb. 18th, 2019)
Uncompressed landscape size: 44.85 GiB
1,7153.78 MiB
Textures part 1 on 30
949.89 MiB
Textures part 2 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 3 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 4 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 5 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 6 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 7 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 8 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 9 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 10 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 11 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 12 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 13 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 14 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 15 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 16 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 17 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 18 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 19 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 20 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 21 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 22 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 23 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 24 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 25 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 26 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 27 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 28 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 29 on 30
953.67 MiB
Textures part 30 on 30
336.82 MiB
Alternate download link: shared directory on 1fichier.com / 30 files or unique file (27.3 GiB) for 1fichier.com's premium users

Although covering the same geographical area than Alpine Arc for Condor 1, this scenery is completely new: high resolution textures, completely reworked elevation data in 30m resolution, and forests.

Textures retouching is a long process, it would not have been possible to release a complete scenery before many months. So we finally decided to publish a version 0.5, with provisional unretouched textures on the eastern part.
Only about sixty airfields have been equipped with specific facilities, mainly in the south of France and Italy.

We are of course considering the release of a completed version.

For this we need help especially for the modelling of the airfields objects of the Eastern Alps and Switzerland regions...

Due to its size, this scenery had to be built with LandscapeEditor in several pieces then assembled. This operation was facilitated by Marc Till's specific program, CoMeOb, which also made it easier to integrate objects from other sceneries.
The objects were either recovered from previous sceneries or made specifically with Xavier Delaborde, Jean François Gombault and Patrick Millerioux and the water bodies were captured by Claude Simmoneau.

The tests and controls of the aerodromes were carried out and hosted by the Condorsim.fr team.
The exchanges between the participants took place on the Condorsim.fr and CondorCafé forums.

This huge scenery comes with a specific installer:
1. Download files (one .EXE and 30 .BIN) all together in any directory of your choice.
2. Execute file AA2.EXE (extension ".EXE" may be hidden on your Windows installation)
3. Follow installer instructions

Known problems:
- All the airfields in the western part have been tested and do not present any problems during towed take-off except for the following fields, which in some directions only allow a winch take-off:
Megeve (SSE), Saint-Claude (SW), Zweisimmen (S), Dittingen (WNW), Calvari (both directions).
- Airfields on the eastern part have not been fully tested.

NB: If you have a 32-bit version of Windows, you may sometimes experience “Out of memory crashes”. To avoid this, it may be necessary to reduce the visibility distance and forest density

By Dgtfer
Belgium C2 (Feb. 7th, 2019)
Uncompressed landscape size: 7.25 GiB
308127.79 MiB
Missing HD textures :/ New!
1.12 GiB
Textures part 1 on 4
1.07 GiB
Textures part 2 on 4
1.07 GiB
Textures part 3 on 4
1.11 GiB
Textures part 4 on 4
943.58 MiB
Belgium is a Western European country renowned for its medieval cities, Renaissance architecture and for hosting the headquarters of the European Union and NATO. The country has distinct regions, including Dutch-speaking Flanders in the north, French-speaking Wallonia in the south and a German-speaking community in the east.
Brussels, the bilingual capital, offers richly decorated corporate houses on the Grand-Place and elegant Art Nouveau buildings.

By Danpal
Algérie (Jan. 30th, 2019)
Uncompressed landscape size: 18.94 GiB
270740.06 MiB
Textures part 1 on 11
817.22 MiB
Textures part 2 on 11
910.12 MiB
Textures part 3 on 11
820.58 MiB
Textures part 4 on 11
822.14 MiB
Textures part 5 on 11
944.06 MiB
Textures part 6 on 11
932.16 MiB
Textures part 7 on 11
943.73 MiB
Textures part 8 on 11
943.88 MiB
Textures part 9 on 11
958.54 MiB
Textures part 10 on 11
943.00 MiB
Textures part 11 on 11
887.14 MiB
Algérie covers the northern part of Algeria from the Moroccan border to the Tunisian border with 8k textures.
The dimensions: 922 km from east to west and 277 km from north to south. There are 55 airfields, some virtual like Canastel for example :)

CW-B Morava (Jan. 1st, 2019)
Uncompressed landscape size: 7.80 GiB
243900.51 MiB
CW-B covers the center of the Czech Republic. Scenery has new texture with double texture resolution - 8192 pixels instead of 4096, detailed city and terrain. Scenery is based on real maps, uses highly realistic synthetic textures and is covered with trees and 3D objects. The first edition of the scenery does not yet have some large cities fitted with 3D objects. These cities will be added in the next version.

This scenery is commercial, you can download free version with grayscale textures or buy full version from condorworld.eu. Both versions are compatible for on-line flying.

Visit Condor World web site for more information.

By Cadfael