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  • Badges and Diplomas

Like in real life, we offer you to pass some tests to obtain your badges and diplomas. Challenges have been adapted to simulation reality and don't fully correspond to FAI challenges. 

For each badge and diploma, you pick up a task in a list and fulfill required performance(s). You can try as many time as you wish. The flight can be done off-line or in a multiplayer session but  you are not allowed to change any parameters and restart is not permitted (ie. no landing then take-off). Once achieved, save your flight track (.FTR file) and send it to us (a flight track file can be used only once).

Performances can be achieved in any order - some tasks allow multiple performances in one flight - but you can obtain badges and diplomas in this order only: Silver badge then Gold badge then Diamonds badge.

If you miss a test, you do not have to pass all other tests again: fly only to perform the missing test.

All flights must be flown without navigational assistance. Realism settings are:

  • No thermal helpers
  • Turnpoint helpers allowed (to compensate the lack of map, silver badge only)
  • No PDA (silver badge only)
  • No padlock view
  • No external view
  • No plane recovery
  • No height recovery
  • No mid-air collision recovery
  • No penalty for cloud flying (take your responsibilities!)
  • Start by aerotow (500 m, 750 m for distance diploma) or winch.
Your results

Silver badgeGold badgeDiamonds badge

500 kilometers diploma750 kilometers diploma1000 kilometers diploma1250 kilometers diploma1500 kilometers diploma1750 kilometers diploma2000 kilometers diploma