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  • How to install landscapes?
Condor Updater is a dedicated tool for Condor 2 landscapes installation. It’s the prefered (and the easiest!) way to download and install landscapes. You can download it from here.

If you prefer installing them by yourself (or installing Condor 1 landscapes), here is some directions:

First of all, you must have 7-Zip (free) installed on your computer to manipulate ZIP and 7Z files.

Then download scenery file(s) and save it (them) to Landscapes directory of Condor (usually here: C:\Program Files\Condor\Landscapes).
Note that Files and directory of Program Files are often hidden by Windows. In order to fix that, open the Files Explorer (My computer icon on the desktop) and click on Tools/Folders settings menu, Display tab and uncheck "Hide protected files".

If it's not already done, open you files explorer (see above) then browse to Landscapes directory and find the scenery zip file(s).

Do a right click on each just-downloaded scenery files and select Extract files.... Ensure selected target directory is "Landscapes". Repeat this step for all ZIP / 7Z files you downloaded. 7-zip will automatically uncompress all files contained in .7z archive in the correct scenery's subfolder. Once all .7z files are processed, you can delete them.

Restart Condor and enjoy!