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  • Changes history

September 24th, 2019:  Textures Reducer is now in v2 and works with Condor 1 & 2 landscapes. This tool will reduce the size of texture files (each file contains low to high resolution of the same texture) for selected landscapes by removing highest resolution, reducing file size by 75%. If your hard disk is almost full, you now have a solution!

September 10th, 2019:  XP challenges are back for Condor 2! Like multiplayer role playing game, you have to complete challenges in order to get eXperience Points and gain access to the next level. See in "Pilots ranking list" for more details! And, among a bunch of bug fixes, on your Account page, you can define which Condor version you use (default is set to v2) so Condor Club doesn’t bother you with useless information.

May 27th, 2019:  IGC to FTR converter has been fixed and now works with Condor 2, refly your best real flights in Condor against your ghost!

May 20th, 2019:  New categories for Condor 2’s Goodies have been added: Gauge and towplane skins, check them out!

April 15th, 2019: 
Condor Updater, when landscapes install becomes easy!
Condor Updater is a dedicated tool for Condor 2 that will greatly facilitate the installation of landscapes and patches.
It handles download (and restart), checks integrity, extracts to the right place (you prefer to use a bigger or external disk instead of the one where Condor is installed? no problem!), look up for missed patches or Condor updates, ... Condor Updater is available for download here.

January 2nd, 2019: 
Happy new year! Condor team gave us a present for this new year: native support for Virtual Reality with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive! A new plane has been released too, the first glider with sustainer motor : the ASG 29 Es 18m.
Direct download links to Condor 2 patch 2.0.5 here and Hangar Update 4

April 11th, 2018: 
We are moving to a new server, web site will be unavailable today at 10:30am UTC and should be up 10 minutes later. Delay may occurs during DNS propagation, but you can speed it up by resetting your internet connection, by running "ipconfig /flushdns" on command line or switching your DNS server to OpenDNS

February 21st, 2018: 
Wait is over, Condor2 is released! Enhanced level of details (30m mesh for terrain!), dynamic shadow, wave, up to 64 simultaneous players per server, Slovenia2 HD scenery by Cadfael, the list of new features is impressive!
And good news never coming alone, 5 new landscapes dedicated to Condor2 are already available too!

June 12th, 2017: 
2.000 goodies on Condor-Club!
Thanks to Jerry, this milestone has been reached. Didn’t use goodies yet? Have a look on goodies section and replace default instruments, sound, clouds or even scenery map for PDA in an instant!

February 28th, 2017: 
10,000 tasks available!

February 13th, 2017: 
200 sceneries for Condor!
Lot of sceneries in North America and Europe, almost none in Africa (volunteer, anyone ?). Nearly 2.000 goodies and 10.000 tasks! What an incredible way in 11 years!

January 2nd, 2016:  Happy new year!
Congratulations to all pilots who have submitted their flights in 2015, especially Didi&Annivolk (227 289 pts, 261 799 km), ALPILOT (182 686 pts, 222 550 km) and KellerKeule (128 779 pts, 140 664 km), winners of the Pilots Ranking. According to this ranking, 14.9 millions kilometers were flown in 2015.

January 8th, 2015: 
Aiglon77 has created a special skin "Je suis Charlie" if you would like to pay tribute to those victims of fanatics during your next flight.

February 17th, 2014:  Condor Club is now translated into chinese (繁體中文), thanks to ERock999!

September 19th, 2013:  Condor Club has been down for 48 hours because of hard disk failure generated by an electric flap. Any hoster would have changed it in less than one hour but not mine (online.net). Indeed, they do *not* have available hard disks in stock. It’s only when you get a problem you can judge of the professionalism of your hoster.

September 3rd, 2013: 
The second edition of this new kind of competition is on approach! Fly with your team and be scored on the result of the 3rd pilot including the time difference with the first pilot of the team. Register now!

March 29th, 2013: 
A new kind of competition will start soon: fly with your team and be scored on the result of the 4th pilot including the time difference with the first pilot of the team. Register now!

October 20th, 2012: 
The Condor’s main competition is back for its third edition: Sky Battle Cup will start on november 11th with a race every sunday and thursday until march 2013. Register now!

March 14th, 2012: Condor v1.15 has been released with a patch for Plane Pack 2.

January 15th, 2012:  Happy new year!
Congratulations to german pilots, who got the top 3: KellerKeule (262 081 pts, 295 485 km), ALPILOT (237 947 pts, 285 129 km) and Marcus (159 955 pts, 186 597 km), winners of the Pilots Ranking. According to this ranking, 19.4 millions kilometers were flown in 2011.

December 9th, 2011: Thanks to Jarekt, a third mirror server for sceneries hosting has been added.
Specially dedicated to all American users (North, Central and South), they should see an improvement in download speed!

September 21st, 2011: Fifth year of Condor Club!

April 29th, 2011:  Zeljko1 has also translated the site to Croatian !

April 26th, 2011:  Thanks to two really motivated guys, Condor Club has been translated to Danish by P5 (87%) who finished the work of Morten Due (13%) and to Serbian (cyrillic AND latin) by Zeljko1!

Thank you very much!

March 8th, 2011: Another new feature!
Get a bunch of information about any scenery (author, date of release, area, statistics, etc.), zoom and explore the whole scenery in detail (can be very useful to prepare no-PDA flight).

February 7th, 2011: A up-to-date sceneries map is available! In one click, find the scenery you are looking for!

January 5th, 2011: It’s time to wish you all a happy new year! Maybe we’ll see the Plane Pack 2 and Condor v1.14 released "soon" .
Congratulations to Didivolk66 from Germany (342 649 pts, 404 232 km ), Kellerkeule from Germany too (234 869 pts, 282 595 km - he was 1st in 2009) and Sico 41 from France (220 739 pts, 240 636 km), winners of the Pilots Ranking. According to this ranking, almost 18 millions of kilometers have been flown in 2010. A new distance record has been done: 7 486 km flown by Memphis!

November 28th, 2010:

The CondorSim.fr Team who designed SBC2010 and Coupe ASK-13 is pleased to announce its new competition: Alpine Cup 2011.
Every tuesday from December 14th, 2010 to April 5th 2011, compete with the best Condor pilots on great tactical flights over the nice european mountain tops!
Don’t miss this unique adventure - competition!


October 21st, 2010:

Registration for a new winter competition opens today: KaesemannSoaring Gliding competition (KC2010), first training day on October 31st, first racing day on November 4th!


August 30th, 2010:

In few days will start the Glider Fall Cup, a 4-tasks long team competition!


June, 10th, 2010: A second server has been added for downloads. British and Irish users will still use the main mirror (located in England) while others will use the new one located in France. Transfer rate should be better then.

April 21st, 2010: Distance task - Assigned Area Task (AAT/D) is now available and scored on Condor-Club! Discover how this new challenging race works here.

April 17th, 2010: While sceneries become bigger and bigger, more and more users get issues with their computer and their graphic card (or have their hard disk full). In order to help to solve that, I’ve created a small tool to reduce scenery’s textures size.

March 21st, 2010: Condor Club has been updated to support new Condor version 13. New tow plane Dynamic can also be skinned!
Competitions results (daily and global results) can now be exported to Excel format if you wish to get them for your own use.

January 1st, 2010: Happy new year! I wish you a lot of fun and pleasure with Condor and Condor Club
Congratulations to KellerKeule (292 715 pts), H. Bentheim (232 388 pts) and Uwe Pietzner (189 304 pts) - all Germans! - winners of the Pilots Ranking with respectively 342 318 km, 268 671 km and 221 037 km.
According to this ranking, more than 13.5 millions of kilometers have be flown in 2009, including the longest fly ever made on Condor: 4 101 km flown by Andrzej Czop!

December 27th, 2009:

Register now the main event of 2010, the Sky Battle Cup!


December 9th, 2009: Pilots ranking list has now be optimized to display instantaneously. On this ranking and on Pilots list, a fast search has been implemented.
Previous levels of XP Challenges you already passed can now be replayed
And to complete this bunch of new features, a statistical page has been added to monthly rank most used sceneries.

November 9th, 2009: On-the-fly scoring has been added for flight tracks submitted for ranking, when task is not on Condor Club! This new feature brings a scoring for all FTR corresponding to the same flight plan, a task description and a race replay. You will find a link on analysis page, at the bottom of Results frame if other FTR are available.
A weather section as also been added on this analysis page.

November 2nd, 2009: The number of flight tracks kept on server has been drastically increased! The 10 best performances are kept (instead of 5) and 6.000 FTR are saved in ranking (instead of 3.000).
More over, thanks to a home-made FTR format, old FTR are converted and saved instead of been deleted. Up to 50.000 flight tracks (more than one year of ranking) are now kept! Analysis and race replay will then be available for a long time...

October 28th, 2009: Race can be replayed with the pilots of your choice (and not only the first 5 pilots)

September 29th, 2009: The server is now connected at 100 Mbps on the backbone of internet. This increased speed should drastically benefit for sceneries downloads :-)

September 29th, 2009: Only few days left to register to the third edition of the ASK 13 cup! 1000km in 6 races, without PDA. The team building is important here: the score of the 4th pilot of the team is used for scoring!

September 18th, 2009: Add of private messaging! You can now easily contact flight’s fellows, task/goodies creator or any member if you know his/her CN or user name!

September 8th, 2009: Malaku Range scenery is released, you can now fly in China thanks to the prolific F. VonLeamy!

September 7th, 2009: Portuguese version of the site is released, thanks to Richard Pi, Roberto Zanini, Neumann and CyberD!

August 18th, 2009: Hawaii scenery is released, thanks to F. VonLeamy!

August 11th, 2009: XP Levels 26 and 27 are - at last - released!

August 3rd, 2009: A flight plan to XCSoar format is available. You can now convert any FPL (and not only those available on Condor Club).

July 31st, 2009: Latest tasks on home page are now displayed like a "cover flow" in full HTML 5 for compatible browsers (oldest browsers still display the previous presentation).

June 15th, 2009: Ranking for longest distance and duration has been added in Pilot Ranking List.

May 23rd, 2009: Slovakia 5 - made by the scenery master Cadfael - is now available for download!

April 27th, 2009: The long time without new scenery is over! Stirling Ranges 2.0 scenery is released (South-West part of Australia).

April 19th, 2009: Today, Condor celebrates its 4th birthday and, as a present, I added an extended servers list with detailled information (map, time left to join, ...) of each available server. Useful for your next online flights!

March 29th, 2009: Welcome on our new server!

March 26th, 2009: Condor Club moves to a new server on Sunday morning! Short outage expected...

February 20th, 2009: Thanks to Eirannejad, the persian/farsi translation of this site is available!

February 19th, 2009: Normandie 0.5 scenery is released (North-West part of France)

February 18th, 2009: The whole web site can now display speed, altitude, distance, etc. in metric, imperial or australian units, accordingly to your preference set in "Your account" page.

January 27th, 2009: A planning has been implemented where you can consult competition days.
You can also add a "task event" to inform others you will host a task (and so, invite them!).
Note: Competition days appear if the competition is managed by Condor Club or if the organizer had used the special external-competition interface.

January 25th, 2009: YAlps 0.2 scenery, created by Xavier Delaborde, is available for download. A small demonstration scenery - before a bigger one - 100 km around the Mont Blanc. From Leman Lake to Mont Blanc, and from La Clusaz to Martigny, 70 x 70 km over mountains.

January 15th, 2009: Pacific North-West version 2 is released! It’s the largest scenery available for Condor today, with an area of 440*790 km.

January 5th, 2009: High definition scenery of Lyon, Grenoble and Challes area (South-East of France) by Snilmerg (Régis Martinez) is available! I wish you also an happy new year and I congratulate Heinz Bentheim, 1st pilot at Pilot Ranking List for 2008 with 210,709 points!

December 30th, 2008: Polish translation of the site is available, thanks to bodhi1985!

December 22nd, 2008: From December 23rd to January 1st, the speed limitation applied to non-premium members is removed for scenery downloads.

December 5th, 2008: XP level 25 is out! You think level 24 was too easy? Just try this one :)

December 3rd, 2008: Glider Park scenery is available! Based on Tenerife island, the landscape has been specially modified for pylon race!

December 1st, 2008: New RSS feeds have been added. After latest tasks, feeds for latest goodies and latest news are available!

November 25th, 2008: Scotland 2.1 scenery is available!

November 22nd, 2008: Ulster 0.1 and Narromine 0.1 sceneries have just been released in Sceneries section!

November 12th, 2008: British Columbia 1.01 scenery is available for download! Very nice landscape with sharp mountains and high-res mix of photo-realistic/cartoon textures.

November 6th, 2008: The competition manager is now ready and available!
Anyone can create and organize a competition on Condor Club easily in minutes and then focus on creating interesting tasks. The administrative part is managed by Condor Club.and organizers just have to run servers to host tasks. After each flight, competitors send their flight track for analysis and are scored according to parameters defined by the organizer.
You know how to create tasks? You can host a race in good conditions? This tool is for you!

November 1st, 2008: Vysočina 2 scenery is available for download!

October 22nd, 2008: Located somewhere between Tajikistan and China, the new scenery Condor Club map offers a landscape with very high moutains (some over 7000m!) and has been created by Tony Dowd in honor of Condor Club site. You can download it from Sceneries page.

October 21st, 2008: Central Italy scenery by PostFrontal team and Pyrénées scenery are now supported on Condor-Club!

October 19th, 2008: Demo version of Kisogawa Japan 2.0 scenery made by Eugene Williams is available for download. Prepare yourself to fly over western Japan!

September 30h, 2008: Island Hop scenery is available for download and supported by Condor Club! A patch is also available for Sierra Nevada.

September 14th, 2008: Condor Club introduces Premium Membership to cover its costs.

September, 12th 2008: Palmeira das Missões scenery is available!

September, 10th 2008: In order to reflect the evolution of this site, Condor Tasks Database changes its name and becomes Condor Club! Don’t forget to update your bookmarks!
South East Queensland scenery is now supported and available for download, as well as new version of North East Victoria scenery.

September, 9th 2008: Sceneries are now downloadable from this site!

August, 29th 2008: Thanks to Eugene Williams, the japanese translation is now available!

July, 25th 2008: Scenery "Lake Keepit" has been added.

July, 23rd 2008: XP level 24 is out!

May, 19th 2008: Pacific North West scenery is now supported.

May, 6th 2008: Scenery Mount Olympus has been added to the list of supported sceneries.

May, 4th 2008: Yes, another news for today, I worked late. On Best performances page, you can now replay the race! (Click on a task then on "Best performances")

May, 4th 2008: Flight analysis page has been rewritten, enhanced and has now a Flight replay! You can also download a task in XCSoar format to load it directly in your PDA. Appalachia scenery is now supported!

April, 9th 2008: XP level 23 is out!

April, 1st 2008: What about trying XP level 22?

March, 25th 2008: Two months without a new XP challenge? I agree, it’s a scandal, the maker of this site is a big lazy man. But, ladies and gentlemen, I have a good news, thanks me, the waiting is over, level 21 is here!

March, 17th 2008: One more, one! New scenery "Scotland" has been added!

March, 13th 2008: Almost one new scenery per day! "Rocky Mountains", "Czech Republic" and "Glacier Park" have been added to the supported sceneries.

March, 2nd 2008: Scenery "Sierra Nevada" is now supported.

February, 18th 2008: Scenery "Alpi v3" has been added to supported sceneries list.

February, 17th 2008: In order to avoid cheat, please do NOT post SpeedBattle cup’s flight track before the end of the racing day, otherwise we’ll forced to disable your account.

February, 15th 2008: Pilots ranking list has been slightly updated. Some pilots perform back and forth tasks with 360° tp and 5km radius to get an official maximal distance although they flown notably less. From now, free flight distance (computed with real distance flown, fix every 30 seconds) is compared to the Condor’s official distance and only the lowest value will be used to get the score.

February, 7th 2008: Scenery "Rio Grande v2" has been added to supported sceneries list.

January, 29th 2008: Sceneries "Catalunya", "Vysocina" and "Flying M Ranch" have been added to supported sceneries list.

January, 17th 2008: Levels 19 and 20 are available in XP Challenge!
Note: level 18 has been updated a bit to make it easier, you have now 40 seconds to finish it.

January, 15th 2008: Level 18 has just been added to XP Challenge!

January, 4th 2008:
 Five new levels have been added to XP Challenge!
 A longitude/latitude to Condor coordinates converter has been added. Task-setters will find it very useful to set precisely turnpoints!

January, 1st 2008: Happy new year! Congratulations to GP9, the winner of the Pilots Ranking List!

December, 24th 2007: For christmas, here is our present: XP Challenge! Like multiplayer role playing game, you have to complete challenges in order to get eXperience Points and gain access to the next level. See in "Pilots ranking list" for more details!

December, 24th 2007: Rio Grande scenery has been added to supported sceneries list.

November, 29th 2007: Two new sceneries are now supported: Wales v1 and Massif-Central v1.

November, 10th 2007: Thanks to Hitzi and DSHelper, you can now display results from your hosted task without creating a website! Download a task from this site and host it with DSHelper; when server stops or restarts, DSHelper sends the results to this site and you can see overall/per session results! Moreover, during the flight, DSHelper can show the current best time.

November, 5th 2007: Slovak version is available too, thanks to Candunaj!

November, 4th 2007: Goodies section can now accept and deliver alternate scenery maps.

October, 30th 2007: Try to obtain the height record (or, at least, try to be in the top 5) for each scenery! See in Pilots Ranking List section.

August, 29th 2007: Are you ready to fly your real-life summer flights in Condor this winter? IGC file converter to Condor FTR format is now available!  See in Tasks section.

August, 20th 2007: Pilots Ranking List is now available per classes.

August, 3rd 2007: Italian version is available too, thanks to Robyfly!

July, 21st 2007: FTR from task’s results and from Pilots Ranking List can be analyzed. See the colored track of the flight, height graph, flight parameters, ...

July, 10th 2007: A RSS feed has been added, you can now see the latest tasks in your favorite reader!

July, 3rd 2007: Russian version is released, thanks to Tima (TSD)!

June, 20th 2007: German version is released, thanks to Drgonzo, Danijela, Meckerlax, Groman and CB-9940!

April, 7th 2007: Because some sceneries (provence, alpi2, west-swiss and easternalps 2) have identical parts and tasks could be theorically converted from a scenery to another - if sceneries are correctly calibrated - I’ve implemented a flight plan converter.

March, 4th 2007: Goodies section added.

January, 30th 2007: AAT (Assigned area Tasks) are now supported and correctly scored. Because Condor doesn’t score them as AAT, you have to send your flight track on this site to get your score!
New 1000 points scoring system for all racing tasks, all FTR are now accepted (crashed/outlanded/finished with or without penalty points, thank you Rainer Haener for your code!)
New scoring for Pilots ranking list which penalize outland and crash: you get 80% of your score for outlanded flight and 70% if you crash.

January, 12th 2007: Free flights are now accepted for the ranking list (the server will determine 2 or 3 TPs for the best distance) and a new scoring system has been implemented to penalize outland and crash.

December, 29th 2006: Tasks with new challenges! Try to get the highest altitude or the furthest distance in a fixed time, first task released: Winch challenge, you have to get the highest altitude thanks to winch, current record is 600m!

December, 18th 2006: A dutch version is released, thanks to CeeJay!

November, 28th 2006: Multilingual version of this website!

October, the 8th 2006: Condor Academy is launched! You can now pass exams to obtain badges and diplomas.

September, 27th 2006: Pilots ranking list added, you can now compete with other pilots! Fly, save Flight Track and post it, that’s it!

September, 26th 2006:Quick search feature added. Quickly find a task by its network ID (refer to "Task #ABCD from condor.ephemeride.com" visible when typing TASKINFO in a multiplayer race)

September, 25th 2006: New features:
* Tabbed task description

* A submitter could attach his flight track (FTR) to the task, now every pilots can publish their best FTR! The 50 first best performances are published, the 5 best performances are available in .FTR for download.
There are some conditions to add your performance:
1) Finish the task ...
2) The task *must* be identical to the one available on the site, no modification accepted
3) 0 penalty point
4) save your flight ("Save flight track") and upload the .FTR file ("Best performances" tab)

*You can now update your tasks. If Flight Plan is changed, best performances/FTRs are deleted.

Note: only FTRs made with Condor 1.0.9 are supported.

September, 21st 2006: The site is now official (thanks Uros).
New features: Flight Track can be added to a task, you can then compete with a ghost!
New option in search engine: show only available (and downloadable tasks)
New download page

September, 13th 2006: Show task picture if screenshot is unavailable, better search results layout, more details in task info, "Date of release" feature for competition.

September, 12th 2006: New features: add a variant, edit your task

September, 7th 2006: Web site launch (beta version).